Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fun Gifts I Made For Gypsy Farms students!

As some of my close friends know, I love to write, draw, paint and create things, beyond horseback riding, giving lessons, and my regular old day job. I recently purchased a Cricut Machine, as I wanted to create some personalized gifts for my riding students and horse friends. Although I am still playing around and inventing things, please see some of the things that I have created below. In addition, I have done a few t-shirts with iron-on vinyl. I will say that the machine comes with a small sample of the iron-on transfer paper, which is not the best quality, I purchased my vinyl through Expressions Vinyl and was much happier with the quality. Anyways, here is what I made! Please let me know if you have any questions, or of course if you would like some fun Gypsy Farms paraphernalia! More to come on my crafts with my Cricut Machine

These tea towels were fun to make. I printed out the phrases, removed the letters (weeded), then used what was left as a stencil. I then used some fabric markers to fill everything in.
This was my favorite thing to make, a water bottle using vinyl and then sprayed some polyurethane to seal it. Although it won't hold it forever, it will keep the vinyl in place for a bit longer than normal.

This was also really fun to make, I used the iron-on transfer setting to create this then ironed it on. I will say that the hat kind of melts when ironing, so I had to lower the setting on my next attempt.

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